28th Biennial Convention Held

The 28th Biennial Convention of Kappa Kappa Psi was held at the University of Houston in Houston, TX. The following members were elected to the Grand Council & Board of Trustees and served until August 12, 1977:
Grand President: Melbern W. Nixon (Alpha)
Grand 1st Vice President: Donald A. Stanley (Epsilon Iota)
Grand Secretary / Treasurer: Richard Rodean (Alpha Sigma)
National Member-at-Large: Rick Albani (Delta Omicron)
Board Of Trustees Chair: Dr. Richard A. Worthington (Nu / Lambda / Epsilon Theta)
Board Of Trustees Member: Allan Gillespie (Mu)
Board Of Trustees Member: Thomas Tyra (Beta Gamma / Delta Upsilon)
Board Of Trustees Member: James A. Jacobsen (Gamma Alpha / Gamma Sigma)
Board Of Trustees Member: Joel Kramme (Delta Xi)
Board Of Trustees Life Member: A. Frank Martin (Alpha)