42nd Biennial Convention Held

The 42nd Biennial Convention of Kappa Kappa Psi was held at the Waterside Marriott in Norfolk, VA. The following members were elected to the National Council & Board of Trustees and served until July 30, 2005:
National President: Michael K. Osborn (Zeta Epsilon)
National Vice President for Colonization & Membership: Dr. Rod Chesnutt (Gamma Nu)
National Vice President for Programs: Michelle Kincheloe (Alpha Iota)
National Vice President for Student Affairs: Derrick A. Mills (Eta)
National Vice President for Professional Relations: William V. Johnson (Iota Pi)
BOT Chair: Scott Stowell (Alpha Eta)
BOT Vice Chair: Dr. Michael R. Golemo (Zeta Omicron / Iota Omega)
BOT Member: Kenneth M. Corbett (Zeta Chi)
BOT Member: Andy Mullin (Epsilon Nu)
BOT Member: Al Sergel (Gamma Nu)
Immediate Past National President: Kirk C. Randazzo (Zeta Chi)