National Chapter Field Representatives

The National Chapter Field Representative Program began in 1992 and was created to provide a direct link between chapters and the National Leadership Team. The Chapter Field Representatives (CFR) serve a two-year term as both a member of the Headquarters Staff as well as a member of the National Leadership Team. The primary job of a CFR is to visit active chapters and petitioning groups across the country. When the CFR’s are not traveling, they are assisting the Headquarters Staff at Stillwater Station in Oklahoma. The purpose of a CFR visit is to facilitate discussions on areas of growth for the chapter, assist the chapter in setting specific goals for itself, and to inform chapters about the resources available to them. Chapter visits also allow CFR’s to identify trends across our chapters. This information is valuable for the National Leadership Team as they are able to use this information to determine if new resources are needed for our chapters to be successful. The goal of the CFR program is to visit every active chapter and petitioning group at least once throughout the course of the biennium. In 2006, the program was expanded from one field representative to two field representatives to accommodate the needs of our growing Fraternity.

Casey Blankenship

Eta Omicron
James Madison University

Douglas Knight

Eta Phi
Syracuse University

Brian C. Parker

Iota Pi
California Polytechnic State University

Jeremy Thomas

Theta Nu
Northwestern State University

Derrick Mills

The Ohio State University

Adam Cantley

West Virginia University

Dusty Brown

Gamma Phi
Stephen F. Austin University

Jen Murdock

University of Washington

Phil Rubin

Kappa Mu
University of Georgia

Emily Rogers

Alpha Theta
University of Northern Colorado

Adam Bates

Gamma Xi
University of Maryland

Zac Humphrey

Beta Omicron
Arizona State University

Evan Thompson

Zeta Chi
University of South Carolina

Zeb Watkins

Alpha Beta
Butler University

Yvonne Daye

Kappa Psi
Virginia Commonwealth University

Andy Melvin

University of Oklahoma

Chris Young

Mu Nu
Christopher Newport University

Alaina Peters

Beta Omicron
Arizona State University

Justin Chesak

Gamma Iota
University of New Mexico

Nicole Brooks

Eta Sigma
University of Central Florida

Justin Jensen

Beta Kappa
Bowling Green State University

Jake January

Oklahoma State University

Kennedy Struck

Mu Nu
Christopher Newport University