Petitioning Documents

Introduction to Petitioning Documents

Petitioning documents are an integral and important part of the process of creating a new chapter of the Fraternity.  These documents were created as part of the petitioning process and are a snapshot in time of the chapter at its beginning, of its band program and its college or university. Since the beginning of the Fraternity, these documents served an important part of the petitioning process, mostly for historical reasons.

You will note that some chapters have more than one petitioning document.  These extra petitions represent the dates when a chapter was re-chartered after going inactive.

Proper Usage of this Archive

Petitioning documents are an important, but private, collection of franternity archival information.  They are provided here in this online archive for the private use of Kappa Kappa Psi chapters and brothers in good standing.

Do not post these documents on any social media, website or other online system that is open to the public.  Some of the petitions may include personally identifiable information of current or recent brothers and must be protected against identity theft.

You will need the fraternity password to access the Petitioning Document Repository. It should be entered in all lowercase.

Enter Petitioning Document Repository