Iota Nu chapter installed at Alabama A&M University

The Iota Nu chapter (#229) at Alabama A&M University was installed October 21, 1990 with SED Governor Herschel Beazley serving as the installing officer. The Theta Omicron chapter served as the colony’s advising chapter and performed the Ritual and installation ceremony. Charter members of the Iota Nu chapter include: Kelvin Hurst; Frank Jackson, Jr.; Juan Jackson; Alvin Jacobs; Warderick Judkins; Andre Kearns; Robert Lee; Jonathan Lindsey; James Linton; Willie Lovejoy; Michael Maxton; Roderick McMickens; Derick Moore; Terry Neely; Bobby Petty; Christopher Player; Kim Price; Andy Ragland; Demetrius Arrington; Robert Bell; Thomas Blalock, Jr.; Raymond Bowers; Andre Brinson; Lee Chester; Anthony Chinn; Albert Cole; George Corley; Hilton Crenshaw; Michael Daniels; Marlon Evans; Michael Evans; Rodney Everett; Reginald Hamlet; Hiawatha Harper; Dalmida Hendricks; Robert George, Jr.; Charles Reedus; Alfonzia Richardson; Robert Rutledge; Yasin Shahid; Larry Sloan; Gregory Smith; Zedric Teague; Daron Terry; Christopher Upshaw; George Upshaw, Jr.; Norman Ziegler; and Arthur Wesley.