Nu Zeta chapter installed at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

The Nu Zeta chapter (#318) at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania was installed Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at the Alexander Music Center on the Edinboro campus. This was the first installation of the 2013-2015 biennium.

Vice President for Student Affairs Kelly Nellis served as the installing officer. Anthony Roscoe served as the advising person, and the Alpha Omega chapter at the University of Pittsburgh served as the advising chapter.

Charter members of the Nu Zeta chapter include: David Lynn, Haley Wills, Nicole Chandley, Dale Desmond, Christina Campbell, Julia Tong, Jennifer Barton, Rebekah McLaughlin, Gregory Moore, Dylan Edwards, Katy Lowe, Victoria D’Angelo, Jacob Gibson, Kenny Vinston, Steve Genova, and Gennifer Dusold.