38th Biennial Convention Held

The 38th Biennial Convention of Kappa Kappa Psi was held at the Hilton at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. The following members were elected to the National Council & Board of Trustees and served until August 2, 1997:
National President: Timothy J. Greenwell (Eta Zeta)
National Vice President for Colonization & Membership: Scott Stowell (Alpha Eta)
National Vice President for Programs: Dr. Malinda Matney (Nu)
National Vice President for Student Affairs: Kirk A. Randazzo (Zeta Chi)
National Vice President for Professional Relations: Dr. Michael R. Golemo (Zeta Omicron / Iota Omega)
Board Of Trustees Chair: Kenneth M. Corbett (Zeta Chi)
Board Of Trustees Vice Chair: Stanley G. Finck (Beta Epsilon / Lambda / Epsilon Theta) – died 1/22/1997 while in office
Board Of Trustees Member: Melvin C. Miles, Jr. (Eta Gamma) – became Vice Chair upon death of Stan Finck
Board Of Trustees Member: Ray Cramer (Alpha Zeta)
Board Of Trustees Member: Dr. Robert C. Fleming (Beta Omicron)