Delta Omega chapter re-installed at Ferris State University

The Delta Omega (#120) chapter was reinstalled at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan on Sunday, 25 September 2011 on the FSU Campus marking the first installation of the 2011-13 biennium. The installation ceremony was attended by over 50 people including dozens of Brothers and alumni from around the North Central District, several NCD Officers, and Chapter Field Representative Evan Thompson. Chapters represented included Zeta Epsilon, Nu, Beta Rho, Gamma Pi, Delta Upsilon, Zeta Chi, Lambda Iota, Lambda Tau, Mu Delta, and Mu Kappa. Past National Presidents and members of the Board of Trustees Dr. Malinda Matney and Mr. Michael Osborn served as co-Installing Officers for Delta Omega. The Zeta Epsilon Chapter at Michigan State University for served as the advising chapter and Chris Haughee, Board of Trustees member, served as advising person for the colony.

Charter members of the Delta Omega chapter include: Eric Andrew Watson, Jason Peter Dunk, William Lester Harris, Daniel Jacob Hart, Drew Michael Heath, Pamela Sue Kurylowicz, Kyle James Edward Maneke, Logan Isaac May, Lawrence Matthew Ondrias, Alexandra Elizabeth Ortiz, Robert Calvin Reed, Robert Edwrd Ross, Harry Dempsey, Dr. David Eisler, Matt Moresi, Dr. Grant Snider, Dr. Dale Edward Skornia, and Dr. Richard Scott Cohen.