Mu Zeta installed at Diablo Valley College

The Mu Zeta chapter (#294) at Diablo Valley College was installed May 11, 2008 with National Vice President for Programs Adam Cantley serving as the installing officer. The Alpha Iota chapter served as advising chapter, and Past WD Vice President Nicholas Chitwood served as the advising person.

The installation was attended by the following chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi: Beta Omicron, Gamma Kappa, Iota Alpha, Iota Kappa, Iota Pi, and Lambda Psi. Also in attendance were Tau Beta Sigma members from Omega, Alpha Chi, and Eta Omega. Thanks to Western district officers who attended: Zac Humphrey, Adam Brover, and Scott Phillips.

Charter members of the Mu Zeta chapter include: Chris Carrasco, Calvin Carr, Aaron Jensen, Brad Fujizawa, Nicolas Holmes, Rick Lejano, Michelle Kahn, Nic Higuera, Oren Lipson-Gokcen, Megan Kravitz, Chris Knight, Alexa Silva, Angela King, Danyelle Belfield, Natalie Chia, Mike Petrovich, and Monte Bairos.